5 Tips to Get Your Groove Back After Divorce

If you have recently divorced, you might be feeling like you have lost your spark, or maybe you just need a little boost. Whatever it is that has you feeling out of sync, these tips can help you get your “groove” back after divorce.

1. Meet a friend for dinner.

There may be friends you have lost touch with and want to reconnect, or perhaps new friends you want to get to know better. Sharing a meal is a great way to connect. Try a new restaurant or cuisine that you have not tried before.  

2. Hit the gym or try a new workout.

The endorphins your body releases during exercise trigger a chemical reaction in the brain that can cause a feeling of happiness and euphoria. You can increase this feeling by trying something new, a new spin class or a hike through the local park you always wanted to visit. Positive new experiences also create a feeling of happiness in the brain, so a new workout is a safe and healthy way to get your groove back. 

3. Take up that hobby you have been meaning to try.

 Post-divorce life can allow for of free time you did not anticipate having. A new class or club is a great way to meet new people and try something fun. 

4. Meet with a financial advisor/accountant.

Plan for a healthy financial future. Meet with a financial advisor/accountant to better understand your finances. If you are not comfortable using the same professional you had during marriage, now is a great time to ‘shop’ for a new financial advisor/accountant. 

5. Make self-care a priority.

Schedule a day just for you. A spa day or even a new haircut are the perfect way to refresh your style and leave you feeling like the best new version of yourself. There’s something magical about the feeling you have when you walk out of a salon with a new style or when you leave the spa after a great treatment.