Post-divorce: Want to Learn a New Skill, Recharge Your Career or Earn a Certificate of Degree. Here is How You Can Start!

After a divorce, you may want or need to the recharge your career or re-enter workforce. If you have taken time off to caring for children or put your career on hold for any reason, the transition can be daunting. 

You may ask yourself, “who will hire me?” or “so much has changed, do I have the skills I need?”. 

Learning a new skill can help make your resume more desirable and give you the confidence to tackle your new role. If you would like to brush up on your skills, or learn an entirely new skill, there are many resources available both online and in a classroom setting. The first step is determining which type of course works best for your needs.

What is better for me, an online instruction of a classroom setting?

You have options to pursue this new adventure online of by taking classes in person. Online classes often offer flexible schedules and a learn-at-your-own-pace format. In person classes allow you to have contact with the instructor and interact with other students.  

Depending on the skills you are trying to develop one curriculum might be more suitable than the other. If you would like to learn to “coding” or second language an online course might be best for you.  If you are hoping to become a yoga instructor you would need personal interaction and feedback, then offline lessons would be a great choice. 

Where do I find information on classes/lessons? 

There are many places to find both online and in person classes on a wide array of topics. We have put together a list of sources for you. 

There are a number of fee based online courses, like Lynda, Udemy (some free courses), Coursera (free to audit course) and edX (free to audit course). 

You can explore free online classes on YouTube, Alison, Udacity and Skillshare (free & paid classes). 

Be sure to check the review and comments for any classes you take. 

For in person classes you can check your Local Library & Facebook page, Community College, YMCA or visit sites such as Meetup or. TakeLessons

Disclaimer: The THOMAS SMITH Firm, PC does not endorse, promote or support any course or website. These fee-based and/or free courses are for reference only.