When Can I Take Back My Maiden Name?

You may resume your prior name during or after the divorce process. Pursuant to Title 54 P.S. 704, “any person who is party in a divorce action may, at any time prior to or subsequent to the entry of the divorce decree, resume any prior surname used by him or her by filing a written notice…”

How does the process work?

Our firm will prepare a Notice of Intention to Resume Prior Surname, which must be signed before a notary public. We will file the Notice of Intention to Resume Prior Surname with the Court, which advises you intend to resume your maiden name. Once the paperwork is filed, we will obtain five (5) certified copies of the Notice so that you will have the documents. We will also provide a list of the organizations you should contact to update your information.

Is there a time limit after my divorce is finalized that I cannot change my name back?

No. You may file a Notice at any time after a Complaint has been filed.

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